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  • • To make an ordeal, to Spark Emotion, to establish a long term connection. From the minute you set your eyes on our items, it's our logic to demonstrate to you why obtaining our item will take you to the apex of classiness. By perceiving, understanding, and reckoning what our buyers request, we can address every client's issues, while outperforming their desires.

  • • Every part of the Raheeq configuration has been deliberately considered and made to the most abnormal amount of detail. Intended to be a genuinely extraordinary item, the Raheeq collection of configuration lines include the best in outline and texture. Thus, they have been cut, sewn, and customized to fit your body with the most extreme solace. The ideal plan. The correct size. The Raheeq thobe configuration wraps with the most noteworthy of expert articulation, while its flawless style never yields. The highlights give you genuine feelings of serenity while you give your opportunity to the more vital things in life. From the plans we offer, to the competitive pricing, general brilliance is something we take incredible pride in showing. Your fulfillment is our own reward.

  • • A thobe, (additionally spelled "thawb") is Arabic for 'garment' and it indicates a conventional Islamic outfit that has been supported by the Prophetic custom. It started and normally worn, in numerous Islamic nations of the Middle East. Commonly lower leg length with long sleeves, this pullover, the robe-like article of clothing was outstanding for its unadulterated white shading and formal interest. These days, be that as it may, the conventional comprehension of a thobe has been reached out to incorporate many styles, materials, and hues. While one-piece thobes are the most ordinarily observed, two-piece sets have begun getting to be plainly well known. In this course of action, the best piece, by and large, tumbles to knee length while the lower piece, or paint, is worn at, or marginally over, the lower legs.